Our Ministry Team
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Our Clergy


Diocesan Bishop

The Rt. Rev'd Dr. Eric Vawter Menees

Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of San Joaquin




Parish Priest/Rector
The Rev'd "Father Michael" P. Sclafani, SSC
(559) 255-4883 Priest@HolyCrossAC.org





Parish Deacon                                                                                             Parish Deacon
The Rev'd "Deacon Jane" Williams                                               The Rev'd "Deacon Melinda" Barrow
(559) 255-4883 Email@HolyCrossAC.org                              (559) 255-4883 Email@HolyCrossAC.org




Our Ministry Team Leaders

Children & Youth Ministry Team Leader: Peppy Sclafani

Music Ministry Team Leader: Troy Zweifler

Altar Guild Ministry Team Leader: Cindy Shaheen

Men's Group Ministry Team Leaders: Bruce Hunter and Alan Kiouses



Our Parish Vestry

Fr. Michael Sclafani, President

Rudi Petersen, Senior Warden (2020)

Tim Lueth, Junior Warden (2021)
Glenda Hedrick, Clerk (2021)
Cindy Shaheen, Treasurer (2020)
Kathleen Falk, Member (2019)
Tracey Hubbard, Member (2020)
Lisa Kiouses, Member (2021)
Bob Levinson, Member (2019)
John Powell, Member (2019)
Dcn. Melinda Barrow, Parish Deacon (voice but no vote)
Dcn. Jane Williams, Parish Deacon (voice but no vote)

*Vestry Members are elected at Annual Parish Meetings. Terms run thru the end of the year indicated* 

Phone: (559) 255-4883        Email: Email@HolyCrossAC.org        Facebook: Facebook.com/HolyCrossSanger